Pintura Alchemica @ Talberg Museum

BIO: Ruben C. Talberg born 1964 in Heidelberg, based in Monaco & Marbella, originator of PINTURA ALCHEMICA®. For more than 30 years Ruben Talberg transcends his artistic boundaries through painting and photography, documented by numerous international exhibitions, printed catalogues and publications, awards, public auction sales history. 2011 the Talberg Museum was established.

Before Talberg turned 40, he rewrote art history by revolutionizing painting in his signature style: PINTURA ALCHEMICA ®. See PRESS KIT

QUALITY: His artworks score high on all relevant factors including quality, authenticity, uniqueness, unity, complexity and art-historical value. Talberg executes his works on the same level of QUALITY as Richter, Baselitz, Kiefer etc. Talberg ranks among Top 10 JEWISH PAINTERS worldwide

FEATURES: Pintura Alchemica features: XXL formats; structure of oeuvre into diptycha, triptycha; various techniques as Volte-face (Leitmotif), bricolage, grafitto, minimalist bars (implants); myriads of references to indigenous art, commercial brands; codes, numbers, signs, hieroglyphs with references to his lyrics. Talberg’s motto: „Finis Coronat Opus Magnum“

STATS: According to N. Taleb this big discovery PINTURA ALCHEMICA represents a 4σ event, a truly positive BLACK SWAN. Occurrence: every 43 years - only twice in a lifetime. The central feature of positive Black Swans: the gains in value can be monstrous.

As the famous art dealer J. Duveen said: "When you pay high for the priceless, you’re getting it cheap” ... [...] 

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