Pintura Alchemica®: What the Critics say ...

“  Without doubt Talberg’s oeuvre emanates a great intensity which is also authentic and credible! Dr. Jean-Christophe Ammann, Art Critic

“  I just love Talberg’s paintings - I had to buy a few pieces! - Amy Winehouse, Artist

“  Three words to describe Talberg’s artworks? Raw, powerful, bleak! - Roman Polanski, Film Producer

“  I met Ruben in Frankfurt - his family is well-known in the States - especially in Hollywood where in 1987 I was honored with the „Thalberg Memorial Award“ by the Oscar Academy. Ruben Talberg - fantastic pictures - big artist - big name! - Steven Spielberg, Film Producer

“  I like Talberg’s artworks: exciting, profound, spiritual! - David Duchovny, Actor

“  I met Ruben first time at Art Basel Miami Beach. He handed me over a CD with his most recent paintings which I studied. - I rate them highly: blue chip! - Keanu Reeves, Actor

“  Talberg‘s Pintura Alchemica is truly revolutionary! - Walter White, Art Critic

“  Talberg’s works are strong attacks on the mental, cognitive, and intellectual integrity of the spectators. By no means they are anti-intellectual. So much desire for theoretical, theological, cultural- analytical, economic, psychological, philosophical insights - as expressed in Talberg’s works - is to this day very rare in the history of art. - Daniel Wildenstein, Art Critic

“  When I visited Talberg in the eponymic Talberg Museum his abstract works took hold of me like that of a wizard. In his paintings everyday symbols ... magically morph into alchemic panoramas! - Vladimir Kaminer, Novelist, German TV

“  Talberg is a deconstructionist par excellence. He keeps asking questions about knowledge located in-outside of public/private institutions/corporations. His volte-face paintings mark a different sensibility, one in which the dream of pure form has been disturbed. It is the ability to disturb our thinking about form that make these paintings deconstructive. H. Rubinstein, Art Critic

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