Who is Ruben C. Talberg?

Ruben C. Talberg (*1964 in Heidelberg) is a maverick who invented the distinctive and disturbing Pintura Alchemica. Based in Monaco & Marbella, he transcends his artistic boundaries for more than thirty years through painting and photography, numerous international exhibitions, printed catalogues and publications, awards, public auction sales history. In 2011 the Talberg Museum was established.

What is Pintura Alchemica?

Talberg‘s paintings are about phsical and emotional relationships. The fact that they make you experience them physically is because they are about something very physical as well as passionate. They are deeply moving as Talberg executes unique variants of materials. You can almost hear them.

Thud. Thud. Thud which seems to almost establish the finality of the fact that whatever relationships are taking space in these pictures they deal with the Lapis Philosophorum. Talberg constantly looks at Alchemy & Kabbalah for inspiration. Talberg was once asked, why he spends so much time with Alchemy? He instantly replied: „ As a painter, Pintura Alchemica is the only home I have.“  [...] 

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