White Paper


It is always good to be reminded that chemistry is the child of alchemy, much of which consisted of looking into the chemical powers of substances. The main efforts went into creating value by transforming metals into gold by the method of transmutation. The necessary substance was called the philosopher‘s stone - lapis philosophorum. Many people fell for it, a list that includes such scholars as Albertus Magnus, Isaac Newton, Roger Bacon and great thinkers who were not quite scholars, such as Paracelsus.

It is a matter of no small import that the operation of transmutation was called the Opus Magnum - the great work. I truly believe that Talberg’s Pintura Alchemica - with more than 30 years of street credibility - is about as close as one can get to the philosopher‘s stone. His motto: „Finis coronat opus magnum.“

Talberg who as an artist has his soul in the game faces his fate with dignity, there is nothing you can do that makes him small; if you don‘t take risks, there is nothing you can do that makes you grand, nothing. And when you take risks, insults by half-man (small men, those who don‘t risk anything) are similar to barks by nonhuman animals: you can‘t feel insulted by a dog ... [...] 

W. White, New York

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