Talberg's Show in New York


Prof. Corrigan, New York

New York. In town for the Pool Art Fair, March 4 – 6, held on East 27th Street, Jewish- German Pintor Alchemica Ruben Talberg presented his recent works on canvas.

A native of Germany, Talberg runs the Talberg Museum, where over 30 years of Pintura Alchemica are on display.

For Talberg, the artist transforming his materials into art is analogous to the medieval alchemist’s attempt to transform lead into gold. Ultimately, he says, the artist as creator “transforms himself through his artworks.”

In the Pintura Alchemica Talberg creates multi-layered constructs based on the alchemic principal of the “conversion of opposites” where he explores, in his own words, “the evil which – inter alia – manifests itself in the holocaust”.

– an exploration that brings to mind the works of Anselm Kiefer and his interest in alchemy and Jewish History ... [...]

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