Ruben C. Talberg & Pintura Alchemica

H. Rubinstein on Talberg & Pintura Alchemica 

Talberg is a deconstructionist par excellence. He keeps asking questions about knowledge located in-outside of public/private institutions/corporations. His Pintura Alchemica marks a different sensibility, one in which the dream of pure form has been disturbed. It is the ability to disturb our thinking about form that make these paintings deconstructive.

Notions of fragmentation and negative space run the gamut from flat to volumetric, abstract to representational, simple to complex - into the realms of alchemy, psychology and absence. The finished visual appearance is characterized by unpredictability and controlled chaos.

Architects whose work is often described as deconstructionist (though in many cases the architects themselves, reject the label) include Peter Eisenmann, Frank Gehry, Rem Kohlhaas, Daniel Liebeskind, Bernard Tschumi or Coop Himmelb(l)au  [...]

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