Capaianca is the moniker of PINTURA ALCHEMICA ® artist Ruben Cornelis Talberg. Born in Heidelberg, based in Monaco & Marbella. Background: Transcending his artistic boundaries for more than 30 years as professional painter & photographer, numerous international exhibitions, printed catalogues & publications, awards, public auction sales history.

Talberg’s metaphorical language defies most art-historic conventions for a simple reason: it represents a unique quality. The term „Pintura Alchemica" was coined by W. White since a proper label for Talberg’s works didn’t yet exist. Pintura Alchemica features: XXL formats; structure of oeuvre into diptycha, triptycha; various techniques as Volte-face (Leitmotif), bricolage, grafitto, minimalist bars (implants); myriads of references to indigenous art, commercial brands, codes, numbers, signs, hieroglyphs with references to his lyrics. Talberg’s motto: „Finis Coronat Opus Magnum (FCOM).“

Before Talberg turned 40, he rewrote art history by revolutionizing painting in his signature style: PINTURA ALCHEMICA ®. Today Talberg ranks among the TOP 10 Jewish Painters worldwide.

2016 Talberg Museum celebrated its fifth year of existence. It is considered a Single Artist Museum (SAM) and guarantees the continuity of Talberg‘s oeuvre beyond his death.

Talberg‘s most recent exhibitions include: Durchkämmung 2010, Abraxas 2011, Basquiat meets Talberg 2012, Documenta XIII Intervention 2012, Visions of Voodoo 2013, Arcanum 2014, Prometheus 2015/2016, Retrospective 2016/2017, Pintura Alchemica 2017/2018... [...]

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