A Parallel Universe

New York

Behind a nondescript apartment block from the sixties opens up a „permanent autonomous zone“ of art and discourse. There in the backyard, almost idyllically lies the brick house that used to be a carpentry. In big pots grow bamboos, lavender flower abundantly next to cypresses. Up the stairs into the art zone! The sun illuminates the gray floor, the raw cement and brick walls. There it is! The internationally known Pintura Alchemica. Extra-large-sized (XXL), outlandish, magic paintings, diptychs, triptychs that immediately attract the attention, challenging the viewer with unsolvable metaphysical marvels. The were created by Ruben Talberg who installed his studio and the exhibition halls in the eponymous Talberg Museum. For him though the idea of the museum encompasses much more than pure exhibition floors ... [...]

W. White

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