Goldman Report

Pintura Alchemica

New York, January 18, 2017

Mr. Talberg works with oil and acrylic paints on unprimed canvas employing a variety of methods: direct brushwork, pours, tar, straw, handwritings, drawings, flamethrower forcing materials on the surface to alchemically react, and more, in an effort to create „paintings about paintings.“

In a review of his solo show Pintura Alchemica at Talberg Museum 2016/17, W. White remarked that „in his works Talberg uses the relation between abstraction and gestalt/pattern in an offensive way. He declares the negative interspaces that emerge between the positive forms and patterns as spooky twilight-zones, inhabited with ghostly mythological figures. During his lifetime Talberg devoted himself over and over to the virtual characters of Prometheus, Dionysus or Percival.“  [...]

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