Talberg Museum

Talberg Museum

Ruben C. Talberg

Ruben C. Talberg is based in Monaco & Marbella, originator of PINTURA ALCHEMICA®. For more than 30 years Ruben Talberg transcends artistic boundaries through painting and photography, documented by numerous international exhibitions, printed catalogues and publications, awards, public auction sales history. 2011 the Talberg Museum was established. Before Talberg turned 40, he rewrote art history by revolutionizing painting in his signature style: PINTURA ALCHEMICA ®.

QUALITY: His artworks score high on all relevant factors including quality, authenticity, uniqueness, unity, complexity and art-historical value. Talberg executes his works on the same level of QUALITY as Richter, Baselitz, Kiefer etc. Talberg ranks among Top 10 JEWISH PAINTERS worldwide.

FEATURES: Pintura Alchemica features: XXL formats ; structure of oeuvre into diptycha, triptycha; various techniques as Volte-face (Leitmotif), bricolage, grafitto, minimalist bars (implants); myriads of references to indigenous art, commercial brands; codes, numbers, signs, hieroglyphs, references to his lyrics etc. Talberg’s motto: „Finis Coronat Opus Magnum.“